Bring some drama to your life...

Acting Classes for Adults and Children in Berkshire

Dramatica offers an 8 week acting course for adults (18+) and After School Clubs in Acting and Film-making.

Actor Studio (Adult 18+)

Do you have a hidden talent for acting that you'd like to explore?  Join our part-time evening class to learn professional actor training in a fun, friendly group and let your talent shine!

Actors Studio Courses

Actor Studio (10-17yrs)

Acting teaches self-confidence and self-awareness in a creative, safe space. We offer After-School clubs teaching professional actor techniques and your little star can showcase their talents in our end of term performance.

After School Actors

Film-makers Studio

Become a film-maker and star in your own movie!  Learn screen-acting and how to storyboard, shoot and edit your very own movie which you can keep forever. (10-17yrs)

After School Film Studio

Release your inner actor and let your talent shine!

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