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Acting Classes for Adults and Teens in Berkshire

Masterclasses & Workshops

LAMDA Teacher

Bring some drama to your life...

Drama Students
Drama Students

Actors studio 
11-17 yrs

The craft of performance has a profound impact on our ability to grow in confidence.  Even if you don't want a career as an actor, these skills can help your communication and personal growth in many ways, such as passing job interviews.


If you plan on becoming an actor, this is a taster of what you will experience at drama school, preparing your skills and giving you a headstart, plus performance experience led by a professional actor.

Our 8 week acting course teaches Drama School techniques and theories.  Purely focussed on the art and craft of the actor, you will spend the first hour of each session exploring professional actor techniques from Stanislavsky to Improv, in fun group exercises. 

The second hour of the session is spent in rehearsal, being directed in your monologue or scene for your final performance.

You can choose any scene or monologue (from any play, TV or film) you like to perform in our end of course showcase.  This is a chance to star in the role of your dreams and perform to family and friends, you'll be directed just as an actor would in rehearsal.

Enjoy your shining star moment in our showcase as you perform with confidence, passion and flair!

Opera Actor
Opera Actor

Actors studio 

For Adults

Ever wondered about your hidden talents?  Perhaps you've always felt a secret talent or connection to acting and would like to explore new skills in a fun group.

The craft of acting offers a wonderful opportunity for personal growth and expression.  It's really healthy to get into new skills that involve body, mind and soul.  If you've ever hankered to play some of the worlds most wonderful characters, now is your chance.

Join our 8 week acting course, focussed purely on the art and craft of acting, I will guide you through professional acting techniques and personally direct you in a role of your choice. 

Two hour weekly sessions combine learning drama methods and rehearsing your monologue or scene for your final performance.

Family and friends will watch you perform your stunning scene at our end of course showcase, and you will produce a piece of work to be truly proud of.



Having a creative hobby is a key element to a balanced, quality lifestyle.  Acting offers the very best opportunity for healthy, creative expression.  It teaches self-confidence and self-awareness ina creative safe space.

Release your inner actor and enjoy the freedom of learning how to play a character.

Perhaps you're a natural born actor who has never had the opportunity to express your skills.  Perhaps you'd like to challenge yourself with a creative hobby.

Our courses will give you professional actor training in a fun friendly and vibrant local community group.


Led by experienced and mature professional actors, we will guide you through classical and contemporary texts, Improv, Stanislavsky, Meisner, The Method as well as vocal training to create wonderful characterisations which will delight your friends and family in your final performance.


Prepare for a lot of laughs as you learn to tread the boards and step into character.

Our Acting Training


Do you have a hidden talent for acting that you'd like to explore?  Join our classes to learn professional acting training in a fun, friendly group and let your talent shine! 


Courses for Adults and 11-17 years.

Join us for our special masterclasses and workshops.  From Shakespeare to shooting on video, we hold regular events tailored to a special skill or theme.


Workshops for Adults and 11-17 years.



LAMDA coaching for all Grades.  All grades of LAMDA exams are recognised as equivalents of GCSE, AS, A Levels and even UCAS points.

It's a wonderful way to prepare your child to talk with confidence for the world of work and interviews.


Sessions for Primary and Secondary ages.

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